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Oct 6, 2012 10:00am PDT
republican president, ronald reagan and a democratic president bill clinton. >> and gdp was 4.8%. 4.5% in one case. 4.3%. i can find economists who will tell me we'll have that kind of growth rate. >> we should aspire to 12 million jobs. i should aspire to look like brad pitt. that won't happen either. thank you for coming on the show. coming up something bocandidate on. >> if somebody gets an advanced degree i would staple that diploma to their green card. >> as soon as they get an advanced degree we send them home to create jobs somewhere else. >> immigrant entrepreneurs could be a powerful force but u.s. policy is standing in the way. here to here. this bigger screen goes from here to here. now that's either a) an amazing coincidence .. or b) a dazzling display of common sense. pretty sure it's the common sense thing. have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. >>> friday's jobs numbers underscore something we knew. we need more jobs. how do you create them. one answer may surprise you. immigration. how does bringing more people into this coun
Oct 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
ronald reagan, a republican not talking the party line on taxes at least. >> our colleague and one of the finest business minds in the world jim cramer here live this evening. paula boggs, a corporate obama backer and former starbucks executive and cosco founder jim senegal. >> our washington correspondent john harwood is on the scene in kentucky. it was fashionable not long ago to say these debates didn't matter but the last couple weeks have proven that notion wrong. >> certainly mitt romney got a boost out of the debate last week and in denver and what he's hoping is his running mate can continue that here tonight at center college in kentucky which hosted a vice presidential debate 12 years ago with dick cheney and joe lieberman. joe biden, the more experienced man, arrived first. he came, he showed a very relaxed demeanor. he went to his supporter's house did a little studying, relaxed with his family. he's been through this before having debated sarah palin four years ago. mitt romney arrived, the le-- p arrived. we only saw him by motorcade and later did a walk through through
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)